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Congregational Challenge

During Vacation Bible School the children made it their mission to raise $750 to sponsor a family farm through ELCA World Hunger. As of July 3, we have raised enough money for almost 3 family farms! A family farm consists of a cow, 2 goats, 2 pigs, 12 chicks, seed, tools, training, and support.

Pastor Erzkus of Maryland challenged Pastor Erzkus, Pastor Erzkus, and their congregations of Nebraska to raise enough money to sponsor their own family farm. After a bleak start, the Nebraska congregations collected enough money to sponsor 4 farms!! They have also extended the same challenge to CLC.

We have a jar in the Narthex for donations, or you can place your donation marked with “family farm” in the offering plate. Thank you for your support! No matter who wins our friendly competition, the real winners are the families that will be uplifted by this mission!


Update: CLC LaVale has raised enough money to buy 4 family farms along with a few additional animals! Thank you to everyone who supported this mission!

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