Christ Lutheran Church

Stock the Shelves!

As the 2014 response was amazing, we are again asking for help collecting basic supplies for the running of the church under a very tight budget. While you are shopping for school supplies and house wares would you mind doing the same for the church? Every donation helps! We are in need of 9 V batteries, dish washing liquid, paper towels, copier paper (8.5×11 or 8.5×14), stamps, napkins, paper plates, baggies, aluminum foil, clear wrap, toilet paper, Brillo pads, bleach, other cleaning supplies, or anything else you would use in home maintenance! These will be used in the office, kitchen, bathroom, for REACH meals, and other needs. Items will be collected through the month of September in a donation box under the bulletin board across form the library. Thank you in advance to all of our Christ Lutheran family!

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